For more information about Nikon imaging products and services, please visit the Worldwide Network page, and contact your nearest Nikon subsidiary or. Nikon user manuals available from this web site may not be Click here for general instructions on downloading and reading a PDF file. Thank you for your download of a Nikon single-lens reflex (SLR) digital The explanations in this manual assume that default settings are used.

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View and Download Nikon D4 user manual online. Megapixels. D4 Digital Camera pdf manual download. View and Download Nikon D4s network manual online. D4s Digital Camera pdf manual download. TO ENSURE CORRECT USAGE, READ MANUALS CAREFULLY BEFORE USING YOUR Nikon Digital SLR Camera D4 Specifications.

Run just a few seconds at 10 FPS, and you'll be recording dozens and dozens of frames at a time, while the D4 never misses a beat. I've never had any reason to run more than 9 seconds at a burst, and my D4 calmly just writes 90 frames to my card in the background while I keep on shooting the next burst. The D4 just shoots and shoots and shoots.

It's unstoppable. The D4 feels great; its sculpted body fits a man's hands far better than the plasticy D, whose grip is just too tiny for comfort. The D4 of course has a built-in vertical grip with two total shutter releases each with its own separately programmable function button , two sets of command dials, two AF-ON buttons, and two new Canon-inspired thumb controllers.

Even if you don't need the insane frame rate or clairvoyant autofocus system that sets itself, the D4 has more external controls to give portrait, nature and landscape shooters faster access so we can adjust our cameras more quickly. Forget the D if you're a working professional; the 16MP of the D4 is more than enough for anything. The Setup Menu: External Recording Control English For the latest information, visit the App Store or Google Play.

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Firmware Manuals Firmware Software. Download firmware for Nikon digital products firmware being the built-in software that controls cameras and other devices. Note that a card reader or other equipment may be required for some firmware updates.

Instructions can be found on the download page. Title Version Released. Distortion Control Data Ver. D4S Firmware C: Software Manuals Firmware Software. Picture Control Utility 2 Full Ver.

ViewNX-i Full Ver. Wireless Transmitter Utility Full Ver. Camera Control Pro 2 Full Ver. ViewNX 2 Full Ver. Ftp Upload FTP Upload Photos and movies can be uploaded from camera memory cards to an ftp server as described below, or photos can be uploaded as they are taken.

For information on setting up an ftp server, see page Page 52 View pictures. Display the first picture to be sent full frame or highlight it in the thumbnail list. Page 54 Transfer Status During playback, the status of images selected for upload is shown as follows: Synchronized Release Synchronized release groups one master D4S camera with up to ten remote cameras and synchronizes the shutters on the remote D4S camera with the release on the master camera.

The master and remote cameras must all be equipped with optional WT-5 wireless transmitters. Synchronized Release Options Synchronized Release Options The following options are available for synchronized release: Number of Remote Cameras Enter the number 1—10 of remote cameras in the group.

Taking Pictures Taking Pictures Display network settings. Select Synchronized Release. Highlight Synchronized release, press W, and adjust the settings for master and remote cameras as described on pages 46 and Press J to select synchronized release and return to the network menu. Take Pictures Take pictures. Pressing the shutter-release button on the master camera releases the shutters on the remote cameras. Remote Camera Check If remote camera check is on, warnings will be displayed if any of the remote cameras are not ready.

Ethernet, WT-5, or WT-4 Select Copy profile from card to copy profiles from the memory card to the profile list. Edit the profile name and password General Edit wireless settings wireless connections only; Wireless Edit ftp settings Page 65 Wireless Edit the following wireless settings: Enter the name SSID of the network on which the host computer or ftp server is located.

Select Infrastructure for wireless communication via a wireless network access point, Ad hoc if the camera is connected to the ftp server or computer directly. Otherwise select Disable and enter the following information: Enter an IP address and subnet mask. If the network requires a gateway address, select Enable and enter the address supplied by the network administrator.

Protection is removed as the files are uploaded. Prioritize network speed ensures that LAN connections remain active even when data are not being exchanged with the server and allows Ethernet connections using the high-speed BASE-T standard. Connect the camera. Start the computer and connect the camera using the supplied USB cable as shown below. Turn the camera on. Page 72 Start the Wireless Transmitter Utility. Create a profile.

D4S User's Manual

Follow the on-screen instructions to create a network profile. Windows 8.

Display the network adapter list. Click Change adapter settings. Open the network properties dialog. If you are connecting via Ethernet, right-click Ethernet Windows 8.

Enter an IP address and subnet mask for the ftp server and click OK. Page 76 Close the network properties dialog. Click Close.

Open Administrative Tools. Page 77 Open the IIS manager. Page 78 Enter site information. Name the site and choose the path to the folder that will be used for ftp upload. Click Next to proceed. Page 79 Choose binding and SSL options.

Page 80 Choose authentication options. Adjust settings as described below and click Finish. Windows Vista Windows Vista Display network connections. Page 83 Enter an IP address and subnet mask. Page 84 Open the IIS manager.

Click Allow. Page 85 Display ftp site properties.

Nikon D4s Network Manual

Page 86 Select the address and port number. Page 87 Choose a home directory. Open the Home Directory tab and select A directory located on this computer. The root directory for images uploaded to the ftp server is listed in the Local path text box; choose a folder and select Read, Write, and Log visits. Click OK to close the properties dialog. Page 89 Enter an IP address and subnet mask.

Open Internet Information Services. Page 90 Display ftp site properties. Select the address and port number. Page 91 Choose a home directory. Open the Home Directory tab and select a directory located on this computer. Manual Profile Creation Manual Profile Creation Follow the steps below to manually configure the camera for connection to ftp and http servers.

Note that changes to the current profile will be lost if the camera is turned off during setup; to prevent unexpected loss of power, use a fully-charged battery or an optional AC adapter. Adjust Settings Select a connection type. Adjust settings. Editing Profiles If the shutter-release button is pressed while menus are displayed, the monitor will turn off and any changes to the current profile will be lost.

Choose a longer monitor off delay for Custom Setting c4 in the camera menus.Select this option if the network is configured to supply the IP address automatically. Highlight Enable and press J to connect to the network and return to the network menu.

In the event a dispute arises under or in connection with this Agreement, you hereby consent to personal jurisdiction of Japan and waive any objection that such forum is inconvenient. Select Copy profile from card to copy profiles from the memory card to the profile list. Learning to use the Manual mode. Page 26 View pictures. Once you've decided on the setting, the D automatically chooses the settings that will provide the best results.

Current picture Show previous Show next image image Thumbnail view View most recent picture in folder Enabling The Ethernet Step 2:

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